I have spent a lifetime as an Entrepreneur. But none of my adventures have been as fulfilling as the last 8 years as a social entrepreneur attempting to solve social issues.  I have learned so much from people most would say were not worthy of our attention. I've met heroes and I've seen miracles! This blog is my attempt to change your perceptions and tell you about a few unknown heroes! 


A Brief History

Tamera Vallejo is a social entrepreneur who takes business and impact seriously. Combining business and social impact strategies to solve social issues like Homelessness, Sex Trafficking and Poverty, Tamera applies sound business principles with a desire to do good, delivering both increased profits AND social impact to Investors. As an entrepreneur, you throw all of your energy at a problem to be sure you understand the foundational reasons behind the issue. “These issues are solvable”, says Tamera. We just don’t focus our energy on solving them. Instead we focus our energy on organizations and charismatic people who are good at pulling your heart strings. It makes us feel good. But the reality is we could solve it with collaborative and focused efforts all working on a strategy. Tamera focuses on connecting Investors, Churches, Nonprofits and the Community on Solution Focused Strategies.